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Final Project

Final Project

What I Plan to do

I plan to flesh out my main domain for my final project.

Website Building

This will, of course, involve website building to accomplish.


On my website, I plan to use various images for different purposes, such as my site icon.


I might also add more to my main domain, but I’m not sure yet.



My Game

Sugar Crash

Why I choose this?

I choose to make a game because out of all the possible topics making a game interested me the most and seemed like it would be the most fun to do.

How it was Made

My game was made using scratch. To figure out how to make it required me to watch a few videos and to play around with some of the features on scratch for myself. For this project, I worked alone.


The music for the game came from

Video Project

Video Project

The Video

Succulents Video Project

What is it about?

As the name suggests, my video is about 3 different types of succulents.

How it was made

The video was made by using the audio from the last project. I also recorded some videos on my phone and had to have some sent from home due to some of my plants being there. The software I used to create the title cards, the transitions, and to actually edit the videos together was OpenShot.


As before, the music, Endless Motion, came from Benjamin Tissot, also known as Bensound.


Despite all being the same variety of plant, succulents vary greatly from species to species. One succulent, known as the Blue Chalk Fingers, grows straight up with finger-like branches coming off the stalk. If you were to touch these branches a white chalk-like substance will come off on your fingers. Another succulent, known as the Key Lime Pie, has chubby leaves and edges that remind one of pie crust. When the time comes they will grow long stems on which there will be white flowers. Lastly, another type of succluent is known as the Desert Rose. These have bulby brown stems and waxy green leaves. Eventually, these will get large pink flowers. So, as you can tell, despite being all classified as succulents these plants vary greatly.

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