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Final Project Part 2

Final Project Part 2

What I did

For my final project, I fleshed out my homepage at

How I did this

Creating the Webpage

Once again I used WordPress. This time I selected Esotera as my WordPress theme.


To create the webpage I used a number of images. Both the header image and the background image came from Canva and were downloaded as PNGs. The site icon was from Pexels and was created by Anna Shvets. All other images were created by me.


I posted a few things on my webpage including a video and a game created on Scratch.


For the website, I created 4 pages, each with a different purpose.

CC License

In the footer, I placed the CC license I chose.


For my website, I downloaded some plugins. This includes the oEmbed Plus, which will allow me to embed Facebook and Instagram posts on my blog. The other plugin is the LS oEmbed support for Scratch Mit, which allowed me to embed the Scratch game I created on the blog.

The Email

What’s so special about it?

On Domain of One’s Own, I figured out how to make an email This is the email used on the contact section of my blog.

Audio Editing

Audio Editing

Music Endless Motion from Benjamin Tissot, also known as Bensound.

Audio Track Subject

My audio track describes three different types of succulents, revealing how different they all are.

How it was made

I made my audio track using soundtrap. To record my audio track I used the vocal booth in the HCC and the equipment they had, such as their nice microphone.


Despite all being the same variety of plant, succulents vary greatly from species to species. One succulent, known as the Blue Chalk Fingers, grows straight up with finger-like branches coming off the stalk. If you were to touch these branches a white chalk-like substance will come off on your fingers. Another succulent, known as the Key Lime Pie, has chubby leaves and edges that remind one of pie crust. When the time comes they will grow long stems on which there will be white flowers. Lastly, another type of succluent is known as the Desert Rose. These have bulby brown stems and waxy green leaves. Eventually these will get large pink flowers. So, as you can tell, despite being all classified as succulents these plants vary greatly.

Images used

Images used

Image One

Decorative Image
Created by me using

Why I Made it

I didn’t really know what I wanted to do for it, but when I went to and looked through the shapes they had I saw the cloud and liked it. I created this image and played with their coloring to enhance it.

How I Made it

To make this image I went to There I used the shapes they provided and placed a few of them together. I then saved it as a PNG and uploaded it to WordPress to use as my website’s site icon.

Image Two

Decorative Image
Created by me, in Canva, using the White Simple Home Furnishing Logo.

Why I Made it

I knew going in I wanted my website’s header to include something about my website. Therefore, I played around with what was available and came up with this.

How I Made it

I made it by using Canva. I started by using the White Simple Home Furnishing Logo, and then added extra dots and changed the text. I downloaded it as a PNG file and uploaded it to WordPress.

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