Final Project Part 2

What I did

For my final project, I fleshed out my homepage at

How I did this

Creating the Webpage

Once again I used WordPress. This time I selected Esotera as my WordPress theme.


To create the webpage I used a number of images. Both the header image and the background image came from Canva and were downloaded as PNGs. The site icon was from Pexels and was created by Anna Shvets. All other images were created by me.


I posted a few things on my webpage including a video and a game created on Scratch.


For the website, I created 4 pages, each with a different purpose.

CC License

In the footer, I placed the CC license I chose.


For my website, I downloaded some plugins. This includes the oEmbed Plus, which will allow me to embed Facebook and Instagram posts on my blog. The other plugin is the LS oEmbed support for Scratch Mit, which allowed me to embed the Scratch game I created on the blog.

The Email

What’s so special about it?

On Domain of One’s Own, I figured out how to make an email This is the email used on the contact section of my blog.

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