Images used

Image One

Decorative Image
Created by me using

Why I Made it

I didn’t really know what I wanted to do for it, but when I went to and looked through the shapes they had I saw the cloud and liked it. I created this image and played with their coloring to enhance it.

How I Made it

To make this image I went to There I used the shapes they provided and placed a few of them together. I then saved it as a PNG and uploaded it to WordPress to use as my website’s site icon.

Image Two

Decorative Image
Created by me, in Canva, using the White Simple Home Furnishing Logo.

Why I Made it

I knew going in I wanted my website’s header to include something about my website. Therefore, I played around with what was available and came up with this.

How I Made it

I made it by using Canva. I started by using the White Simple Home Furnishing Logo, and then added extra dots and changed the text. I downloaded it as a PNG file and uploaded it to WordPress.

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